The massage stimulates circulation and has a beneficial effect of relaxation for everyone. Scented or flavored essential oils stimulate the harmony of body and carry you to a total well-being, rocked by a Balinese or classical music.

We offer you a team of professional masseurs working by appointment at your convenience.


Any external maneuver means massage , performed on tissues for therapeutic purposes or not, manually or through devices, with or without the help of products, which includes a mobilization or methodical stimulation, mechanical or reflex of these tissues...
The benefits...
More than a moment of relaxation , massage helps reduce stress, prevent disease and improve health.
Massage has many positive effects .
As much on the body : Makes more flexible and elastic muscles .. relaxes tensions or improves joint mobility .
As much on the body: Soothes and calms , improves sleep .. and digestion, blood and lymph circulation and improves skin health .
As much on the sensory and psychomotor levels: Promotes greater energy flow and increases body awareness.
More on psycholoqique and emotionally : Increases aware of your emotions and contributes to openness .

We offer you a team of professional masseurs who work primarily by appointment at your convenience.