Ô Siam is a haven of peace , a wellness center completely private. Possibility to host 4 people of your choice.
To be specified : the sauna with his 75° is glazed and his panoramic views makes you enjoy the heated indoor and outdoor pool, the Japanese garden with spa. Soothe your body and your mind.

In addition, the center offers a beautiful hammam, Finnish shower, ice cave, sensation shower, infrared seats and total relaxation space with its stars.
A relaxing area beside the indoor pool will give you the sensation to travel around the world.
behind the garden, the lounge area allow you to enjoy delicious dishes ,glass of champagne or relax by the open fire.

Come experience a renaissance in hours or passing one or more nights in the guest house appointed with coolness... calm and discretion.

Relaxation cabin/
Light Therapy

Isolated from all , lying in a discrete relaxing brightness...
After the sauna and steam room , the body needs to recuperate .

This rest area is at your disposal.

Lounge area

The lounge area is a design place that allows you to celebrate ,relax the feet in front of a open fire or the tv ...

This place with a total capacity of 4 people is also available separately for incentives , brainstorming, etc.

Large screen , multimedia projector, etc.
With our kitchen , you can also eat there.

Indoor pool/

Our center offers an indoor / outdoor pool (chlorine free), open all year . It's heated to an average temperature of 32°.

When it will be cold outside , it will be even more pleasant to swim in a heated green water.

Hammam 40° à 45°

otherwise known as the "steam bath", the hammam has positive effects : people who suffer from asthma breathe better, and people who suffer from allergies and bronchitis are relieved . The steam also has soothing effects on stress.

Mint and Eucalyptus scents , adapted to the seasons , you already give a taste of travel . humidity 90%

Finnish sauna

Brings you relaxation and well being to the body.
The practice of sauna is beneficial in muscle and joint plan and to eliminate toxins .

You can use the sauna and switch to the ice cave for the stimulation of the body.

It is important to have a break between each session in the relaxation area at your disposal in our center.

Infrared Seats

In front of the pool are located 2 infrared seats that provide beneficial effects on your body.

They reduce back pain, and help eliminate fatigue, toxins and daily stress.


The overflow spa/jacuzzi is available outside in the Zen garden .
The water heated to body temperature (36 ° ) dilates the arteries, increases blood flow and reduces joint pain.
his hydro-massage system will help you reduce muscle tension.

The spa / jacuzzi is located outside to accentuate the contrast feeling. Hot on your body, and the freshness on your face. Enlightened Japanese path allow you to access it.

Shower sensations

The benefits of a shower sensations full of exotic scents.

Finnish shower with menthol scents, Amazon rain with orange blossom

Zen garden

Soothing garden with Asian decor. This gives you a feeling of escape and an open mind about these distant horizons.

Always with the possibility to eat outside in this enchanting environment!